Aurora borealis tour Kiruna to Finland

Aurora Ultima - the world's longest aurora tour

The western part of Kiruna became popular already in 1909 when the Abisko National Park was founded as one of the first of it's kind. During the last years the hype for aurora tourism and the often clear sky above Abisko made this destination world famous for aurora tours. Our Abisko aurora excursion is booked nearly all evenings from September to April and our colleagues in this area won't complain either - Abisko & western Kiruna is booming. Fine ! But this is just a small part of Kiruna and the eastern part seems to be nearly forgotten about. As option or supplement to the aurora tours in Kiruna and Abisko we offer a night tour of truly unique character:

At 08.00 pm your guide will pick you up at your hotel by minivan. Single captain's chairs equipped with clean fleece blankets and pillows grant a smooth journey deep across the heart of Lapland. Towards east along the European Road No. 10 for less than one hour before we'll head up north - the border between Sweden and Finland is our destination. Compared to our Abisko tour this trip will lead you through the more open landscapes of Kiruna municipality; No mountains will limit your view on to the night sky! This has always been the more agricultural part of Kiruna and first settlers came here quite soon after the last ice age. Photostops will present us wide views over hills and forests under aurora and not far from here the boreal belt of the coniferous woodland starts - the vegetation zone that is globally known under it's Russian name "taiga". On long straight roads we'll pass some of the really darkest spots accessible by car in Kiruna municipality - "no population" means "no light pollution". You will understand that you will travel across the world's 9th largest municipality - out here the sky will be YOURS ONLY !
At app. midnight we will arrive at the border between Sweden and Finland. The border is unmanned and if all participants are sure that they can enter Finland legally we will touch finnish ground and have a coffee break. But to really feel the spirit of movies by Aki Kaurismäki and music of the Leningrad Cowboys for a short while, you are welcome to take a can of 3,5% beer from the van. Take some photos of the scenery to remember this visit like a road movie - Aurora melancholia forever... Back on the Swedish side of the Muonio river we will stop at Sweden's northernmost church in Karesuando before heading back down south in search for aurora. At app. 04.00 AM you will be back at your hotel in Kiruna and after nearly 460 Km across the heart of Lapland it would be a miracle if we would not have found any hole in even cloudiest sky to see aurora !

Coffee, tea, tomato juice, water, bisquits, winegum and your can of Heineken in Finland are provided as well.

From Sept., 1st to April, 15th on demand


Route & light pollution

long stages of plain darkness on the way ...
long stages of plain darkness on the way ...

Dark Sky Special

This aurora tour to Finland belongs to our series of "DARK SKY SPECIAL" - tours. Click the logotype to find out more