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About our excursions ...

Thank you for choosing Kiruna as destination for your upcoming holiday and for your interest in our extraordinary tours !

This website provides you with a selection of travel packages and tours accomplished to increase the chance of experiencing the fascination of the clear sub-arctic night sky with aurora borealis, stars, moon and meteors in an unique way during your visit to Kiruna. But the aurora borealis - also known as northern lights - is a natural phenomenon like the sun, rain, wind or a thunderstorm – observing this nature play is mind blowing. But as much as we would like to - we simply can not guarantee that you will see the northern lights during your stay in Kiruna. It's nature !
Our tours are created by inspiration of former visitors: Their basic question was always "why do all northern lights tours end so early when it is known that the strongest activity is to expect later at night ?" We have been continuously working on solutions to fulfill the demands of our visitors and today we are proud to offer you Swedens biggest choice of REAL NIGHT TOURS. In - indeed - small groups of max 6 ( S I X ! ) participants we will bring you to remote dark sky locations without ANY light pollution and off the beaten tracks of mass tourism. Our own demand is to present you the night sky at it's absolutely best without stress and impacts of group dynamics. Because we know that you will visit our outstanding destination only once in a lifetime and WE UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE ON HOLIDAY.

Welcome to Kiruna - Lapland - Sweden



Only the sky is the limit - AURORA OPTIMA

If you decide to book our aurora borealis excursion to Abisko we will deliver the tour to Abisko. In case you should decide to book our "Aurora Ultima" tour to Finland we will be pleased to drive you to Finland. But what happens when the weather is bad and the sky is cloudy ? Aurora is a natural phenomenon and we can never be sure to see it... Still we'll have costs for staff in work under night time so we'll have to charge you. To absolutely optimize your chances to experience aurora borealis in Lapland we decided to arrange a "surprise" - tour that covers the entire 20.000 sqkm area of Kiruna municipality! When booking this tour you won't know where we will bring you that night and we won't know it either. We will be checking all weather forecasts and aurora predictions during the day and make the final decision at 7pm in the evening. With pick up from your accommodation in Kiruna or Jukkasjärvi at 9pm you will get the info if we might drive you towards Abisko/Norway or if we rather drive towards Finland. Alternative it could happen that we bring you out towards the foot of Sweden's highest mountain in Nikkaluokta to even add realistic chances to see moose while searching for aurora. But definitely we will always choose areas off the beaten tracks of mass tourism and spots with as little light pollution as possible!
The range of total distance to drive on this tour varies from at least 140 Km to max 450 Km in case the weather situation should let you end up on the route of our "Aurora Ultima" tour but for a cheaper price ! Duration will be at least 4 hours but could sum up to 7 hours as well.
Our "iron will to deliver aurora borealis" to our guests and the area of Kiruna (that is 28 times the size of Singapore OR 5 times the size of Dubai OR still 0,5 times the size of Switzerland!) will let us find a piece of clear sky! Since the season 2016/2017 we had incredible 87% of successful nights on this tour...

But please keep in mind:

The aurora borealis is a natural phenomenon like the sun, rain, wind or a thunderstorm. As much as we would like to - we simply can not guarantee that you will see aurora during your stay in Kiruna. It's nature !

Pickup is at 9pm from your hotel/hostel in Kiruna / 8.30 PM in case you stay in Jukkasjärvi

Minimum age: 12 years

Included: Guiding in English/Swedish/German, coffee / tea /water / bisquits / winegum / ...

SEK 2099/person - min 1 participants max 7 participants.

STUDENT SPECIAL - BOOK FOR 8 BUT PAY FOR 7 PARTICIPANTS! - just contact us via office(AT)

Pick-up only from Kiruna or Jukkasjärvi - in case your accommodation is in Riksgränsen, Abisko, Björkliden, Gällivare,... You have to arrange your own transfer to Kiruna to join this tour and back to your hotel after the trip!


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About light pollution and dark sky in Kiruna

Less than 100 years ago, everyone could look up and see a spectacular starry night sky. Now, millions of children across the globe will never experience the Milky Way where they live. The increased and widespread use of artificial light at night is not only impairing our view of the universe, it is adversely affecting our environment, our safety, our energy consumption and our health. And during your stay in Kiruna it has an impact on to the sensitivity of YOUR night vision !

What is Light Pollution? Most of us are familiar with air, water, and land pollution, but did you know that light can also be a pollutant? The inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light – known as light pollution – can have serious environmental consequences for humans, wildlife, and our climate. Components of light pollution include:

Glare – excessive brightness that causes visual discomfort
Skyglow – brightening of the night sky over inhabited areas
Light trespass – light falling where it is not intended or needed
Clutter – bright, confusing and excessive groupings of light sources

According to the 2016 groundbreaking “World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness,” 80 percent of the world’s population lives under skyglow. In the United States and Europe 99 percent of the public can’t experience a natural night!

Even if Kiruna is a rather remote located city light pollution is a side effect of industrial civilization here as well. It's sources include building exterior and interior lighting, advertising, commercial properties, offices, factories, streetlights, and illuminated sporting venues.

Below you can find two screenshots that are taken from the NASA blue marble light pollution maps. The first image shows the western part of Kiruna municipality - the landscape along the European road No 10 towards Narvik. This is the route to travel during our "DARK SKY TOURS" Abisko aurora borealis excursion and Aurora borealis tour to Norway. You can see how strong even the light produced by tiny settlements is visible from space (these images are taken from a satellite) and that even the village of Abisko is polluted by artificial lights. For this reason we use to make our stops and to spend time mostly on the stage between Stenbacken and Abisko: To present you the night sky in natural beauty without any impact of artificial lights.

The second image shows the eastern part of the Kiruna municipality. Our Aurora borealis tour to Finland follows the E10 and from Svappavaara towards north on E45. Here you will experience "real darkness" on the long stages between Vittangi and Nedre Soppero as well as between Övre Soppero and Karesuvanto.

So, with booking of any of our "DARK SKY SPECIAL" excursions you can be sure to enjoy the fascination of the sub-arctic night sky for 100%. Our guides will provide night vision friendly red light during the stops and ask you kindly to avoid artificial illumination by playing with your smartphones while beeing close to other participants. Because it might be a once in a lifetime experience for you. And we don't want to let you go from Kiruna without trying to make these trips a 100% success for you!

Light pollution in western Kiruna

Light pollution in the eastern part of Kiruna

long stages of plain darkness on the way ...
long stages of plain darkness on the way ...
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+++ Tours below are discontinued +++

Our bestseller - Abisko Aurora excursion

Join us on the road to Abisko ! Our special Aurora excursion for individual travellers and photographers with advanced ambitions will bring you to Abisko - the "aurora village". Due to it's unique location Abisko is known for its many clear nights, which makes it one of the world's best places to see the aurora borealis ! Your driver-guide will meet you at 9.00 PM at your accommodation in Kiruna or Jukkasjärvi. He will more

Recommended - Kiruna "Aurora Optima" tour

check us on TA!
check us on TA!

..probably one of the best aurora tours in the world !

find out WHY by clicking H E R E

NEW - "Aurora Ultima"

The longest aurora tour in the world ! Many participants of our popular Abisko aurora excursion use to ask for a second night tour to maximize their chances by being out on the road with us twice. We appreciate the trust and starting from December, 10th we hereby offer a great option: THE WORLD'S LONGEST AURORA TOUR - from Kiruna to Finland ! Read more h e r e

Aurora borealis tour to Finland

This night tour will bring you to the border to Finland. You will pass the more agricultural landscape in the eastern part of Kiruna municipality and enjoy fascinating views over the hills and rivers. Not far from here the boreal belt of the coniferous woodland starts - the taiga. Your guide will pick you up at ... read more here

Aurora borealis tour to Norway

Tonight we will pick you up at your hotel at 07.00 pm - a long night is ahead: From Kiruna towards west you're going to pass small settlements and snow covered swamp areas. Following parallel to the railroad tracks of the Kiruna iron ore train you will soon reach lake Torneträsk - the 6th largest lake in Sweden and the largest lake of more than 6200 lakes in the municipality of Kiruna. Surrounded by ... read more here

About our "DARK SKY TOURS" and light pollution

Please read this information about our "DARK SKY" excursions and how we will bring you to spots with ZERO light pollution H E R E


Dec., 25th, 2016 - "one night of aurora against child cancer" - find out more H E R E

Day tour by dog sled

Try dog sledding in Kiruna for a day! Driving on a dogsled through snowcovered forest and over frozen lakes and rivers for a day is an unique way of experiencing Lapland´s nature during winter time! Feel the huskies excitement before the start and enjoy the sudden silence once the teams are moving. On this day tour by dog sled you can choose between riding as a passenger on your guides sled - sitting comfortably on reindeerskins and enjoing the landscape - or driving your own team of 4 Alaskan Huskies. Read more ...

3 days aurora triathlon

A multi - activity tour by snowmobile, dog sled and snowshoe. Read more ...

Dog sled, snowmobile & aurora

If you would like to escape daily routine for just one weekend... Our three day aurora activity tour with husky sledding and snowmobile is the perfect choice for you. Get a glimpse of what Lapland has to offer. Enjoy two days with unique and exciting activities and spend the nights in remote wilderness cabins, with candle light, wood heated sauna, clean water from the creek and the magnificient aurora borealis during the clear nights ...Read more ...

FREE aurora photography guide

Learn how to capture the aurora borealis with your camera H E R E


For best possible information we provide a collection of weather forecasts for Kiruna on our external site


... and the multiple weather forecast for Abisko - coming soon !

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